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Mentors Role

Successful implementation of the Flying Start NHS® learning programme is dependent on you as a skilled practitioner who is willing to share expertise and knowledge with your newest colleague.

Being prepared to support and guide your newest colleague can be challenging in a busy clinical team, however being prepared to start out as a Flying Start mentor will make you a good mentor.   Feedback has told us that by covering key areas before your newly qualified colleague arrives, you will be able to maximise the time you have as a Flying Start mentor.

These useful documents can be downloaded to support you in the preparation phase

Once your new colleague arrives, the following guides will help you to cover the key issues in the settling in phase:

Remember that Flying Start NHS® whilst being learner-directed is completely aligned with the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework development review cycle.  All activities are mapped to KSF dimensions, therefore everything counts towards that all-important six month and twelve month formal review.