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Mentor Benefits

As a Flying Start NHS® mentor your will not only have the satisfaction of seeing your newest colleague settle into the team and develop, you will also be building your own evidence for your NHS KSF development review.

Your investment in the development of your colleague will positively impact on the care delivered to your patient/client group and to the learning culture within your team.  Although there is personal satisfaction in this there are also benefits that are personal to you by being involved in Flying Start NHS® mentorship.

Busy mentors who are mentoring many learners, sometimes wonder what they can gain from another "learner".  In terms of Flying Start, you are supporting your newest colleague, not assessing or signing off competence.  Newly qualified practitioners bring many things into the workplace and the teams they join, for example, up to date knowledge, enthusiasm and energy as well as a thirst for new knowledge and skills.

In a year where things change dramatically for a newly qualified practitioner who is making a successful transition, being the person who supports and witnesses that growth can be tremendously rewarding.  In addition, you can build evidence for your own NHS KSF development review specifically for Core Dimension 2 - Personal and People Development at levels 2 and above.

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