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Ten Cs of reflection

Here is another suggested framework for reflection in your new role as a registered health practitioner.  Remember you are not reflecting for academic purposes, but to ensure you deliver the best possible care and treatment to you patients/clients and their carers.

Ten C's of reflection

Here is a reminder about the Ten C's to consider when reflecting on the care and treatment you give.

The Ten Cs of Reflection (Johns 2000: 36)

1. Commitment

Believing that self and practice matter, accepting responsibility for self; the   openness, curiosity and willingness to challenge normative ways of responding to situations

2. Contradiction

Exposing and understanding the contradiction between what is desirable and actual practice.

3. Conflict

Harnessing the energy of conflict within contradiction to become empowered to take appropriate action.

4. Challenge and support

Confronting the practitioner's normative attitudes, beliefs and actions in ways that do not threaten the practitioner.

5. Catharsis

Working through negative feelings.

6. Creation

Moving beyond self to see and understand new ways of viewing and responding to practice.

7. Connection

Connecting new insights within the real world of practice; appreciating the temporality of experience over time.

8. Caring

Realising desirable practice as everyday reality.

9. Congruence

Reflection as a mirror for caring.

10. Constructing personal knowledge in practice

Weaving personal knowledge with relevant extant theory in constructing knowledge.