Your Portfolio

There is no prescribed or correct way to construct a portfolio, but the previous section on CPD will have given you some options.  Your professional regulator will have guidance on what they wish to see evidence of, and you should discuss your employer's requirements with your NHS KSF reviewer.

Your Flying Start NHS Portfolio

We recommend that newly qualified practitioners in their first year of practice keep one single portfolio which can be adapted. This will meet the needs of professional registration requirements, NHS KSF development reviews and Flying Start NHS. At the end of this first year you can choose to continue updating this portfolio, or start a new one as you enter your second year as a registered practitioner.

Why develop a portfolio

Each portfolio is unique but there is consistency in the type of materials that they include. According to Bowers & Jinks (2004) a professional portfolio should contain information related to the following sections: professional/educational development; career development and personal development.

The advantages of developing and maintaining a Flying Start NHS portfolio are listed below.

  • aligns with the NHS KSF development review which will determine your pay progression 12 months into post
  • demonstrates continuing acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies
  • provides evidence of achievements for your NHS KSF development review and PDP
  • provides both a retrospective and prospective picture of your professional and career development
  • provides an opportunity to critically reflect on your own progress and development
  • can be used as evidence towards Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) and therefore a means through which you can gain academic credit for work-based learning.